Why ReactJS Is the Best Framework for Web Development

Web development has changed a lot over the years, which improved front-end development by quite a margin. There are and were many types of frameworks but only some have improved with time.

ReactJS is one such framework. The fact is is one of the most loved frameworks for web design says everything about it.

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ReactJS has been the pioneer in innovation in the world of web development which has a dominant presence while advancing the relevant domains.

Why Choose ReactJS for Your Next Web Development Project?

Huge brands like Netflix and Apple use ReactJS, labeling it as the default web development framework. It is easy to use, particularly for web developers who are proficient with JavaScript(JS).

Whether you choose to implement it by yourself or want to hire a ReactJS developer, it is the better and desired option for web development projects.

Here are seven reasons that make it a great choice.

1. ReactJS is Simple

As mentioned above, the React JS framework has a lean learning curve. If it is weighed against other dev frameworks, such as Angular, ReactJS is quite simple for modern web dev projects.

Let’s take a closer look.

Angular requires Typescript for proper implementation of the framework. But, if a web developer knows HTML and CSS on the basic level, ReactJS will be a breeze in comparison.

Another advantage is that it has a version called React Native, which many devs love as it has many applications in mobile app development. The image below highlights its salient features:

2. The Components are Stable & Reusable

Before ReactJS was adopted by Facebook (now Meta), improvement was difficult as the code snippets were illegitimate to be reused, and the process took a long time. After the transition, things got simplified, and Facebook allowed the codes to be reused.

The web developers saved lots of time and effort resulting in higher efficiency. Another advantage was that all the elements in ReactJS were mutually exclusive; consequently, upgrading one part/component will not alter others.

This also allows the stability of the code, where the blocks flow in one way, and the new information does not affect the code architecture. As a result, if a component has to be updated, coders won’t have to worry about others.

3. Complete Toolkit for Developers

ReactJS has a popular toolkit for web developers of different levels. They help them conceptualize and fix any problems easily. Also, the toolkit comes with a browser extension that can be used for Chrome and Firefox.

Also known as React Developer Tools, the toolkit is handy for web developers that aim to assess the existing, latest, and interactive elements and observe the potential results of their web projects.

4. A Strong and Supportive Community

Although originally developed for internal use, they decided to build a ReactJS library with a global approach.

It has a highly dynamic and active community on a number of platforms such as Slack, Reactiflux Chart, and other diverse forums, which helps new developers to solve their problems and challenges as soon as possible.

In addition, the ReactJS community helps developers easily push new processes and solve complex problems quickly.

5. Offers Fast Rendering

When you are developing a complex application with a high load, it is essential to define the structure of the application at the beginning because it can affect the overall performance of your application.

So a minor change in a higher-level layer can greatly affect the user interface of an application. To solve this critical problem, the virtual DOM feature has been released.

Virtual DOM allows all virtual DOM changes to first estimate the likely risks associated with all changes. As a result, this advancement has helped to maintain high application performance and provide a better user experience.

As the web apps are rendered within a JS engine, it is quite fast:

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6. It is Highly SEO-Friendly

For any digital business, search engine optimization (SEO) is the path to success. According to Moz, the page load time is shorter and the rendering speed is faster, which will further increase the app’s ranking directly on Google.

Due to fast rendering, ReactJS essentially reduces page load time compared to other leading frameworks, which helps businesses secure their ranking on Google search engine results pages.

7. Used by Fortune 500 Organizations

Still in doubt whether to use ReactJS or not?

Check out some inspiring examples of using ReactJS solutions. Thousands of organizations, including some of the leading Fortune 500 companies, have chosen ReactJS for their web development and mobile application solutions.

Airbnb, Tesla, Tencent QQ, and Walmart are the top brands that have developed their apps using the ReactJS Native framework.

It is also currently used by leading organizations including PayPal, NASA, BBC, Lyft, and the New York Times to name a few.

These are different reasons to sign up and respond to your projects. The thing is, with so many thriving and Fortune 500 companies using ReactJS & React Native, ReactJS must be a really valuable front-end and app development framework.

Here are some of the many brands that rely on ReactJS:

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Top Applications of ReactJS

1. Effortless Dynamic Web Application Development

In the past, creating a dynamic website required many pages of coding. This required HTML strings to create dynamic web pages. Implementing ReactJS in web development projects is no longer a problem. It uses JSX, which has a specific syntax and allows quotes and HTML tags to render explicit subcomponents.

It even supports the development of machine-readable code and mixes elements/components directly into an individual set of variables. When working with ReactJS, JavaScript is not often used to create its templates.

2. Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization tools or dashboards are critical use cases for ReactJS. They are essential for end users to understand the essence of the data in a format that can be quickly activated.

Especially when working with use cases like business intelligence (BI) and machine learning (ML), they are vital for data visualization.

To create a comprehensive dashboard using ReactJS, you need add-on development tools like Ant. Design or Airframe ReactJS.

3. Successful Development Due to Reusability of Components

With ReactJS, you can develop standalone, reusable components that make your code modular and well-organized. When dashboard components are well defined from the initiation stages, they can be easily reused anywhere without the need for further setup.

4. Increases Productivity and Enables Maintenance

A developer can start with standard components, and once they have done that, they can move to wrapper components that include internal logic, making it easier to manipulate and define the objects used.

This scenario ensures application consistency and helps with code maintainability.

All companies using ReactJS have common components like payment form elements, breadcrumbs, image carousels, and many more.

Component reuse facilitates version control and installs components with coding standards defined to maintain consistency. This scenario also improves overall app speed, ensuring greater customer retention.

5. Flux and Redux Architecture

Facebook has created a flow architecture for its many web applications. It is similar to ReactJS components in that it has a unidirectional flow. The architecture here has action builders that help in creating an action directly from method parameters

It also maintains a library for these methodologies.

All these actions are jointly managed by the central dispatcher for the modernization of stores. All views are streamlined by stores. There is also Redux, which is an excellent version of the flow architecture. It has one store that is not in operation.

Redux also allows for features where middleware can be precisely defined to intercept the dispatched actions.

We hope this post has helped you choose the right framework for your web development project.