Where Should I Look for Good Affordable Housing in Florida?

Florida balances between affordable and expensive depending on which zip code you’re looking at.  This is a massive state with tons of things to do and see, and countless people see it as a dream place to live because of their incredible vacations here.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find housing here unless you know what you’re doing.  This is how to find affordable housing in Florida and why it’s not impossible!

Checking Out Rental Sites

Rental sites are generally the safest way to find roommates or landlords.  Not only do they list the price of the unit and the location, but you can get to know everything you want before having to talk to the owner or possible roommate.  On rental sites, you can also sort by location and price, giving you the opportunity to find houses for rent in Jacksonville that are within your budget.  Make sure you still go through the interview process with future landlords before picking them, though!

Getting Out Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find affordable housing!  Although it might not be listed yet, someone might know someone else who has an apartment or house for rent.  This can be incredibly useful, but you should be careful!  Make sure to get everything written down into a lease, even if they seem trusting and eager to help you out.  Although there are tons of ways this situation can go right: there are countless ways it can go wrong if you’re too trusting.

Hitting the Road and Asking Around

Sometimes the best way to get to know an area, and its options, is to hit the road and get there.  Many houses will have ‘for rent’ signs out, and some landlords will be far more likely to talk to you if they know you’re already in the city.  Nobody wants to rent to someone who’s from out of state because they’re not sure if it’s a scam or not.

Ask around, look at apartments, and let people know what you’re looking for; they may be able to help you find it!

Putting Out a Listing of Your Own

If you’re in a predicament where you have poor credit, or you’re not getting contacted back by any rental companies, you’ve reached out to it’s time to put out a listing of your own.  Not only is Florida extremely affordable in some areas, but it’s also still part of the south, so it can be surprisingly welcoming.  If you need a room or apartment to rent until you get on your feet in the state, don’t be afraid to put out a listing stating how much you can afford and what you’re looking for.  You’ll be surprised what roommate and landlord opportunities will fall into your lap!

Finding Affordable Housing Isn’t Impossible!

If you’re ready to live out your Florida dreams, consider some of these options to find affordable housing!  Not only will you fall in love with the state: you’ll love how cheap your rent can be every month.