What Is the Best Way to Make a Fan Club Website like OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform extremely popular for its sexually explicit content. Not just adult content, non-adult content creators are thriving on the platform if it’s good enough to attract the target audience. Starting a community platform or a fan club website like OnlyFans is a great business idea if you get the basics right.

A fan club website like OnlyFans is like any other social media platform except for the fact that users have to pay to follow the profiles of their favorite creators. As the business model of fan club sites are trending, now is the right time to create your own OnlyFans like website.

How Onlyfans Work?

OnlyFans is just for adult material; it is a great platform for artists, fitness professionals, sports professionals, chefs, etc., to monetize their content. There are two main categories of content on OnlyFans and are as follows.

Adult content and non-adult Content-Photography, music, Cooking, musical lessons, workouts, Art, Makeup, and more. Creators can choose to have free profiles on the platform where they can charge their fans to access individually priced content or monthly subscription.

Subscription packages can start at $4.99 and even go up to $49.99 or more. Some creators will choose to integrate both- a free page and a subscription package to optimize their revenue generation.

Besides posting uncensored images and videos, content creators can start live video streams just like on Instagram and Facebook in real-time. There is also a feature that allows content creators to send private messages to their viewers, allowing them to upload new posts, polls, etc., to increase viewership and audience engagement. OnlyFans take 20% commission from the income generated by creators. The creator can keep 80% of their earnings.

Pros And Cons Of Creating A Website Like Onlyfans

Creating a website like OnlyFans allows you to have full control over your business. With the same features and functionalities as OnlyFans to cater to your target audience, it becomes easier to build a brand of yourself. You can choose the monetization strategy like PPV, subscriptions, paid to message, live streams, paid calls, and a lot more.

Here are some of the pros and cons of creating your own fan club website.


  • Creating your fan club website like OnlyFans allows you to integrate custom features to beat the competition.
  • You can keep the revenue earned from the platform.
  • Owning a website allows you to plan advanced marketing strategies.
  • Monitoring the performance of the website becomes easy with the admin dashboard.
  • You get access to the data of content creators and their subscribers.


  • Have to bring in new clients and plan marketing activities for the same.

Must-Have Features For Your Onlyfans-Like Website

When creating a website like OnlyFans, instead of adding features that are good to have, make sure you integrate capabilities that are relevant to your target audience and match your business goals.

Here are some of the essential features you must integrate into your OnlyFans like website.

Live Streaming 

Integrate the functionality of interacting in real-time with the audience. You can charge your subscribers extra for leveraging this feature.

Community Features

Add community features like watching videos later, social sharing, commenting, liking and bookmarking posts, etc., to increase the exposure and help your creators to become more prevalent in their niche.

Social Sharing

Allow creators to share their posts on popular social media platforms of their choice, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Tipping Creators

Subscribers must be able to tip the creators of their choice, which is a side gig to make more money.

Scheduling Posts

Content creators must be able to create and schedule a queue of content that will be made available to subscribers anytime they want.

Creating Interactive Polls

Interactive polls are an excellent engagement tool to engage your fans, and tet works as a powerful marketing tool.

Craft Your Business Plan

Before moving to build your fan club website, visualize a picture of how your OnlyFans like the website will look and work like. Choose a domain name and select your hosting service. The most critical part is to plan the details based on the expectations of the final outcome.

When creating a business plan, think about your target audience, consider the features of your fan club website, and the monetization strategies you want to integrate. Define why your users should subscribe to your fan club site like OnlyFans. Think about different ways you would be using to market your community website and attract your target audience.

The Best Approach To Developing A Fan Club Website Like Onlyfans

Most commonly, there are two approaches to creating a fan club website like OnlyFans. – Creating it from scratch and using a clone script.

The first approach is a conventional one to develop a customized and interactive website like OnlyFans from scratch. This takes more time, and thereby cost will be on the higher side.

The second and the most viable approach is to leverage an OnlyFans clone script to create a fan club website and launch it immediately.

Choose a readymade script like Fanso, which offers customization, quick launch in the market, scalability, integration of third-party plugins, etc., to make your fan club functional and competitive.

The time required for the OnlyFans club-like website development using Fanso is less, and the cost is minimal as well. However, you have to bear the price of customizations. Choosing the second approach is the wisest choice in today’s tech-driven world.


Creating exclusive content on OnlyFans is excellent for individual content creators when they are new to the industry. However, it becomes imperative to explore more options to monetize as they grow. Moreover, if you are a business that wants to create a fan club website, now is the right time as the creator economy is booming.

Considering that OnlyFans take a 20% commission from creators’ revenue, the best option is to run your own fan club website rather than using OnlyFans. Having your website is a convenient way to add all the features required for brand growth and monetization of your content.