What Exactly Is a Spritz and Why Is It So Popular?

What is a spritz? In case you haven’t heard this term before, it is a drink made up of wine, soda water and either bitters or fruit juice. It originated in Italy and has become more popular in many countries around the world in recent years.

In Australia, for example, Pampelle spritz has been gathering attention, and for good reason. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons behind the popularity of spritz.

Quite Refreshing

One reason is that it is a very refreshing drink. The wine and soda water combination make it light and bubbly, while the bitters or fruit juice give it a nice flavour. It’s perfect for hot summer days when you want something cool and refreshing to drink.

Low Alcohol Content

Another reason is that spritz is relatively low in alcohol content. This makes it a good choice for people who want to enjoy a drink without getting too drunk. It also means that you can have more than one without feeling too bad the next day!

It’s Versatile

Spritz can be made with a variety of different wines, sodas and bitters or fruit juices, so you can customise it to your own taste. You can also adjust the proportions to make it more or less alcoholic, depending on what you prefer.

It Looks Good

Let’s be honest; one of the reasons spritz is so popular is because it looks good. That orange slice garnish makes it Insta-worthy, and who doesn’t love a good photo? But even beyond that, the colour of the drink itself is just really pretty. It looks like summer in a glass!

It’s Light and Easy to Drink

If you’re looking for something light, spritz is the way to go. Spritz is just light and easy to drink, and that’s what people want sometimes. It’s not too heavy or filling, and it goes down smoothly. You can have a few without feeling weighed down, which is perfect for hot summer days or nights out.

It’s Affordable

You don’t really have to shell out a huge amount if you want a spritz. Even if you buy quality wine and soda water, the total cost will be much lower than for most cocktails. This makes it a great choice for people on a budget but want a great-tasting drink. Which brings us to the next point…

Unique Flavour

Many people simply like the taste of spritz. It has a unique flavour that differentiates it from other drinks, and this seems to be something that appeals to people all over the world.

These are some of the reasons why spritz has become so popular in recent years. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend giving it a go! It’s also great if you’re throwing a party and you want something light and easy on the tummy. After trying it once, you might just find yourself becoming a fan too. Cheers!

Do you like spritz? What’s your favourite summer drink? Let us know in the comments below!

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