Useful PlayStation 5 Features That Every Player Should Know

Today’s next-gen consoles such as the PS5 come with many features that may be difficult to understand at times. The setting and options can be overwhelming for a new user. Even if you’ve been a loyal PlayStation gamer, you may not be aware of the full potential of the PS5.

PlayStation fans like you can make good use of many of these for an enhanced gaming experience. Players can conveniently mute their microphones and even adjust game modes with a press of a button. They can also enable automatic updates and change controller settings to their liking.

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Players can also share their game progress and screenshots over social media directly from the PlayStation 5. The unique gaming features that Sony offers are quite numerous. And with a little help, you can make full use of them. Read on to discover some of the most useful features of the Sony PS5 for every gamer.


Your new Dual Sense controller comes with a built-in mic! This is great for playing team games and speaking conveniently to players at your party. It can also help you save money you would otherwise have to set aside to buy a headphone.

However, you may not want your voice audible to everyone in a game lobby. To prevent this, you can mute your mic by navigating to “Settings”. Next, click on “Sound” and choose “Microphone”. Set the status to mute when you are logged in. There’s also a hard mute button under the PS button that you can press to manually unmute yourself during the game.


You should always keep the “update automatically” feature turned on. Automatic updates ensure your gaming experience continues smoothly and you get access to new content. But since updates eat into data plans, most games will keep asking you permission before each update. You’ll need to activate updates automatically to ensure you don’t have to wait for a large download right when you feel like shooting some zombies.

To do this, go to “Settings”. Click on “System Software Update and Settings”. Here, select the option that allows your PS5 to automatically download and install updates to titles in your library.

The PS5 will also have to update its own operating system from time to time To make sure everything is in order, go to “System” and then click on “Saved Data”. From there, head to “Game Settings”. Check if your console is searching for new updates on the screen or not. If it is, then the right setting is active. Now you don’t need to manually update your games and console.

Controller Battery

If you stop playing for a while and leave your device idle, it will automatically cycle into “Rest” mode. Your controller will also automatically power off to conserve battery. However, if the controller waits too long after the console enters “Rest” mode, it drains battery juice.

You can optimize the battery time of your controller by going to “Settings” and clicking on the “Power Saving” section. Next, click on “Set Time Until Controller Turn Off” and choose a suitable time of inactivity after which it’ll turn off automatically.

Adjust The Controller Settings

There’s no doubt that the Dual Sense controller is a well-recognized gaming device. It comes with many advanced features that many other game controllers simply do not have. The simulated resistance and dynamic rumble are two features of the new controller that stand out above all others.

However, they can be jarring if you aren’t used to them. If you find that these effects are too distracting for you, you can lower their intensity, or even turn them off. Head over to “Settings”. Under “Accessories”, you’ll find “Controllers”. Look for the effects settings and calibrate them as needed.

3D Audio

Audiophile gamers are in luck because the PlayStation 5 comes with 3D Audio capabilities. This setting is usually enabled on the console by default. Just plug your headphones into the Dual Sense controller and experience HD sound to make your gaming experience more immersive.

You can also choose to adjust audio profiles. Therefore, you can have an audio experience just like you want it to be depending on the game you are playing. To adjust these settings, head over to “Setting” followed by “Sound”. Next, click on “Audio Output”. After this, you’ll need to enable the 3D Audio setting. On the same screen, you’ll also find the audio profile settings.

Performance or Resolution Mode

Since the PS4, games come with two different settings. Performance Mode and Resolution Mode allow a lot more flexibility to console gamers. You can select the performance mode to optimize frame rates. This ensures smoother gameplay without any glitches, screen refresh rate problems, or overheating.

However, when you want to get the full benefit of high-quality graphics, there’s the resolution mode. This uses the device’s hardware capabilities to the fullest capability. The resulting detail and vibrance are worth it. For PS5 users, there’s a default option to play games in any of these options too. Just go to the “Settings” followed by “Game Presets” to choose between these modes.

Screen Capture

You may want to capture a funny or interesting moment in a game. However, you may not always be able to locate the button for this purpose. But if you look closer to the left of the touchpad, you should be able to find it. In the PS5, it’s called the “Create” button. Similar to the PS4, just press and hold it for a bit to take a screenshot. You also get the option of saving the last hour of your game to the Media Gallery. This makes it easier to share stuff on social media and gaming platforms like Twitch.

Remote Play

You can play remotely with Sony’s Remote Play initiative. PlayStation 5 users need to go to “Settings” followed by “System” and enable the “Remote Play” option. While this feature is on, you can stream your PS5 game on another PS5 device. All you have to do is log into the secondary device. Be sure to enable 2-step verification so nobody makes use of your PSN account without your permission.

These are some of the most useful adjustments that you can make to your device to have a remarkable gaming experience. Try them out and see for yourself!

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