Thinking Of Playing Ludo Virtually With Friends? Here Are The Best Online Ludo Games For You

The Ludo game has been played for decades in South Asian countries. As a game with a long heritage, it has managed to survive and make its mark in the digital age. The game itself is pretty simple and makes for a very engaging experience, and contributes to a form of a social gathering at times. 

The digital era has given Ludo a more significant upgrade, and it is amusing to see the harmless board game take over the online gaming market and dominate it completely.

If you are looking to play some quality time playing with your friends online, then take a look at this list of fantastic Ludo games that are bound to give you the best experience of the game.

MPL Ludo

MPL Ludo is the most popular Ludo playing the app on the Internet. You can easily download the app for free by visiting the MPL website and start to play Ludo online with your friends. This version of Ludo has an addictive feature that includes a new mode, Ludo Win. The regular game is entertaining, but the addition of this mode makes the game even more thrilling to enjoy among friends and family.

The visuals on this game are inspiring as the developers have added impeccable animation and colors to make it engaging. Players do not have to wait to find new partners in the game as there are hundreds of players online, and you can find a suitable one within a fraction of a second. The controls are pretty straightforward, and even your friend with no experience can give you tough competition after a good few rounds in the game. To play the game, you have to go over to their website and put in your number to get a link to download a free version of the Ludo game. 

Ludo All-Star

Ludo All-Star is another excellent game that can get players drawn to the board game in no time. The app allows two to four players to play the game in a single moment. The mechanics of this game are the same as all other apps. You can also play the game in both offline and online modes. This game uses only a common theme and minimizes the use of multiple themes. A daily spin feature in the game gives it a unique outlook, rewarding players who regularly play it. The app is relatively clean and has no problems in loading and matchmaking, which makes it even more user-friendly and entertaining at the same time.

Ludo Classic

This format of virtual Ludo is best suited for retro lovers. The game is available on all platforms but was initially launched for Android devices. The AI feature on the game is surprisingly strong, which makes the dice outcomes really unpredictable and completely random. The board in the game is designed just like a wooden Ludo board and feels quirky while playing. 

This app is perfect for getting together online with family and friends and offers a fluid experience. The game also has the feature of a private game room which gives players a sense of exclusivity. The game is quite good in terms of playing, but players should go through updates regularly to check if the new ones support their system and do not prop up a problem midgame.

Ludo King

This app is very well-known among all Ludo players on the Internet. Here, players can play Ludo offline and online, whichever suits their taste. Players can play the single-player game in offline mode against a competitive AI built into the game. To have a good time with your friends, the app is perfect as it even allows you to seamlessly move to social media platforms and get connected to your contacts there. The app supports exquisite features like private chatting and the use of emojis. You can even post the results online and share them with other friends in your community, making it a more fun experience.

Players should, however, keep a bit of patience while using the app as it does contain a particular segment of advertising content which could cause minor discomfort to certain players.

Ludo Party

As the name suggests, Ludo Party is a fun game of online Ludo with an array of cool new features, which makes it worth the mention. The animation they have used here is 3D and not the usual classic look that other games mostly have in common. The weirdly fun use of animation makes this game quite entertaining for the participants. At a single time, players can have a round of Ludo with upto 3 computer players. 

As required, players can also invite friends to the game, and the interface is relatively smooth and supportive of multiple plays. Interestingly, the game has six maps to choose from and is more like a visual retreat that you and your friends will equally enjoy.


As a part of Indian culture, Ludo has been here for centuries and will most likely gain more fans through its dominance in the online field. These games discussed above are the best on the Internet right now. They combine both the classic aspects of the game and add the right bit of funk to it to make it more indulging at the same time. If you are getting bored at home and want to go on a round of Ludo with your friends, you should download one of these straight away and head on to have an exciting virtual game party.