Things To Know About Rainbow Jelly Boba For Bubble Tea Topping

Bubble tea is a popular traditional drink in Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries. With the advent of time, it has become popular throughout the world. Today, you can find different bubble teas prepared with black tapioca pearls, milk, and other ingredients. Moreover, bubble tea can become more interesting with the addition of various toppings.

Among different types of bubble tea toppings, the rainbow jelly boba has become immensely popular. This is because Rainbow jelly makes the tea unique. But, on the other hand, it makes the beverage visually attractive for everyone.

How Is Rainbow Jelly Different From Tapioca Pearl?

Traditionally, bubble tea uses tapioca pearls. However, the use of rainbow jelly has increased these days, and the jelly is different from the tapioca pearls. The jelly comes with a milder consistency, and it also feels a little chewy.

The tapioca pearls come from the tapioca starch, which has been derived from the cassava roots. To produce tapioca pearls, you need to mix water, fruit juice, sugar, and alginic acid into the starch. While tapioca pearls have remained the favourite toppings for rainbow tea lovers for a long time, rainbow jelly has replaced pearls nowadays.

Rainbow Jelly Vs Other Jellies

Besides rainbow jelly, people prepare bubble tea with other types of jellies. For example, coffee jelly is a popular bubble tea topping. However, lychee is an excellent alternative option if you do not like coffee. While coffee or lychee jellies have uniform colours, rainbow jelly brings more colours to the bubble tea.

The taste of rainbow jelly is similar to fruit jellies. The only difference is the appended of the rainbow jelly. As the name suggests, the rainbow jelly comes in multiple colours. As a result, the tea looks colourful and attractive.

Popping Boba For Bubble Tea

Your rainbow bubble tea can become even more enjoyable with the addition of rainbow jelly boba. The boba is a type of rainbow jelly that bursts into different flavours when you bite them. You can select a flavour according to your choice. For example, you can choose cherry popping boba. Some people also love flavours such as strawberry, blueberry, apple, orange, and many more.

The popping boba for bubble tea has become immensely popular in recent years. Everyone loves them, from kids to adults, for the surprising flavours released by them when bitten.

How Does Boba Become Popular?

Boba is not the jelly toppings of bubble tea, as the term represents an entire drink. For example, in Taiwan, tapioca peals are known as boba. But, South Americans call it yuca. Bubble tea is famous around the world, and thus you will find different additions to the tea recipe in different regions.

In different parts of the world, people have replaced the traditional tapioca pearls with innovative toppings to make the tea more enjoyable. The jelly boba became popular among bubble tea lovers in such a quest.

Initially, people used to enjoy single-coloured jelly toppings on bubble tea. With the advent of time, rainbow jelly has replaced single-coloured jelly. The rainbow jelly does not enhance taste, though it makes the tea more attractive.

After making the tea more attractive, people started searching for a few ways of enhancing the taste. In such a quest, the use of jelly boba has become popular. Whenever you chew the jelly, a fruity flavoured thick liquid will come out and make your mouth flavourful.

Bottom Line

You can make your bubble tea interesting in many ways, and using jelly boba is the finest way of doing it. Since the jelly boba is trending these days, you should give it a try. The fruity flavour and taste of the rain jelly boba will make you fall in love with your bubble tea. You can visit Alibaba Blog and find more information on different bubble tea toppings.