Serverwala Review: Best Managed & Unmanaged VPS Italy Hosting Provider

Many businesses are venturing their expansions in the online sphere. This domain is full of possibilities and benefits, yet with great expectations comes the weight of responsibility. As a business owner, if you move ahead to traverse into this territory, logically assess all the factors by yourself. It is extremely vital to have a strong backing of an entrusted service provider for several reasons such as security and reliability. Serverwala is known to be that one service provider that will attain you the best possible result in no time.

Many businesses start their online journey with a shared server mainly because, in the initial stages, it stands as an apt option. However, when the desire for expansion reaches your doorsteps, you can rely on this server to ensure the best results. Therefore the process of upgrading is put in place to satisfy the needs of diverse business owners.

There are many different kinds of web hosting services available in the market today. It is essential first; you understand your requirements and then decided on this division. A VPS Italy web hosting platform can be a suitable option if you are looking for an affordable yet effective option.

This article will guide you to acquire the required information on VPS Italy hosting and why Serverwala is your best chance in gaining high-end outcomes. Let us begin.

What is Serverwala?

Serverwala is a web hosting provider, offering a diverse range of deals to a client base located across the world in different locations. They have established themselves as one of the well-trusted and secured web hosting providers in the market. They ensure that all of their clients experience the best quality of service at affordable costs. They assure a high level of safety at all divisions and complete freedom to configure the server as per the requirements. If you want a service provider that hears all your wishes and delivers accordingly, then Serverwala is for you. Also, additionally, they offer the best customer support in case of any issues emergence or just plain simple queries. For 24/7, you can get all your grievances heard and accumulate technical skills by an expert team of professionals.

What are the Main Benefits of VPS hosting Italy?


Some of the prime beneficial aspects of VPS hosting in Italy are:

  • Independent hosting- VPS hosting works on the process of virtualization technology, suggesting that virtually you gain a private server to accomplish all the desired functions. 
  • Top-level security measures- Without the involvement of outside users, all your curial information remains safe. A VPS hosting in Italy gets you a tightly secured division concerning the data and the resources.
  • Reliable and Flexible- VPS hosting is the preferred next step most business owners assume after dropping the initially shared server. When it comes to upgrading your server with VPS hosting, you will find out that the process is effortless and manageable once you get the backing of a trusted service provider.
  • Hosting multiple websites- With VPS hosting in Italy, business owners can easily host multiple sites. Virtual private server or VPS, have a different private server under your command, therefore you can achieve this feat without much hindrance.

When Upgrade on Best VPS Italy?

It is important to understand when the right time is to upgrade your current server. Some of the indicators suggesting this determination are as follows:

  • When your website is experiencing a high level of downtime and sudden crashes
  • When you want to safeguard your database with the best protection
  • When you want to expand your online reach by hosting several other sites
  • When you don’t need the interference of third party users over your storage and resources
  • When you wish all the resources, customizations, and configuration powers stays in your command
  • When you require an affordable yet cost-effective solution
  • When you need optimal performance and high uptime

Serverwala Managed & Unmanaged VPS Hosting Italy?

Both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting is different from one another. A managed VPS hosting offers you complete administration over the server, henceforth, the responsibility factors get eliminated here. With this service, you don’t have to do much, as it takes command over the essential duties for you willfully. On the contrary, unmanaged VPS hosting doesn’t provide you with any management service. On this platform, you must physically watch out for issues attentively and make sure all the concerns get resolved. For this task, you need to accumulate technical knowledge of the workings of hosting servers. Some of the features of both of these hosting can better showcase the key differences, the features are as follows:

Managed VPS Italy hosting

  • No need for technical knowledge
  • No need to stress over the maintenance of the server
  • You can give better attention to other important tasks 
  • Customer assistance by the service provider
  • Cost-effective service

Unmanaged VPS Italy hosting

  • Need for an apt technical skillset
  • The maintenance aspect fall on your shoulders completely
  • You must need to stay attentive over all the factors all the time
  • You are the sole responsible entity to resolve the issues
  • Cheaper service

Serverwala Plans 

Serverwala offers services in different parts of the world. Therefore to achieve this task, they have formulated a design to meet the client’s expectations. You can easily confirm any plan to your liking with them and the price will get adjusted based on the additional features. The initial plan starts at $10 a month, with up-scaling the ranges at different levels. Still, it is one of the most affordable and cost-effective options available in the market for VPS hosting in Italy. And as result Serverwala offers cheap VPS italy plans.

Top Benefits to Choose Serverwala VPS Italy Hosting


  • Root access
  • High leveled security
  • DDoS protection
  • Premium bandwidth
  • Isolated operational environment
  • 99.90% uptime
  • Customer support at 24 hours a day
  • Optimal performance assurance
  • Service level agreement
  • OS preferences
  • Authority over customizations and configurations


Italy VPS hosting enable business owners to work on an isolated server without the disturbing presence of others. Servewala maintains to offer top-notch security, highly customizable hardware, and affordable plans. In the end, we hope that this written piece resolved all your queries regarding the VPS Italy hosting. You can now decide upon upgrading your current service without hesitation.