Pilot Frixion Pen Review

If you want an erasable pen, this one is the one. Though not cheap, its premium feel ensures an enjoyable writing experience.

These innovative pens use temperature-sensitive gel ink that disappears upon gentle rubbing without harming paper.


The Pilot Frixion pen are retractable gel ink pens equipped with an eraser. Their click mechanism offers convenience while preventing smudges, while their wide array of colors ensure there is something suitable for every occasion – be it students taking notes or artists sketching. The Pilot FriXion is perfect for both fast writing and quick erasing; making them suitable for students taking notes as well as artists sketching sketches.

Erasable ink from Pilot uses their thermo-sensitive technology. Rub the eraser stud over it to heat and temporarily turn invisible the ink, before cooling allows its reappearance allowing you to erase and rewrite immediately. Erasable ink has become popular with students wishing to forgoing correction fluid use while professional writers appreciate having unlimited do-overs available to them.

We tested our pens on different kinds of paper, such as Tomoe River and composition book paper, where the ink performed similarly on both. Tomoe River paper required more time for drying before being erased completely than composition book.

The ILMILY Color Gel Ink Pen are similar to PILOT FriXions in that they provide an erasable multi-function writing tool, but instead of turning clear when erased they change into various colors when erased – providing another great alternative for use in various situations. Though more costly, they provide great writing experiences!


The unique thermosensitive gel ink easily disappears with friction, making it easy to write over, rewrite and erase documents repeatedly without damaging documents or fabric when quilting, sewing or embroidering. Furthermore, this thermosensitive ink can also be used as marking fabric when quilting, sewing and embroidering.

Pilot provides an impressive selection of FriXion products, such as gel pens, “point” pens that look similar to standard pencils but feature needlepoint rollerball tips, markers and highlighters.

Each model offers its own set of colors and features. For instance, the ILMILY Color boasts an elegant white barrel with colored grip section and cap – the ink changes color when exposed to heat! Meanwhile, the Ball Zone boasts a slim body with an improved clicker which is quieter when extending or retracting its tip; and finally there is also the Ball Slim with sleek designs available in several different colors, including those featuring marbled resin grip sections or wooden grip sections.

If you want something a bit brighter, check out Pilot FriXion Light Highlighters. They produce vibrant lines that “erase” like any erasable pen do but may bleed less through paper due to being slightly dryer than traditional highlighters. Plus! Pilot offers FriXion Stamps that can help organize or decorate your calendar or planner!

Ink Colors

The FriXion Pen offers several colors, such as black and red. Additionally, there is a white highlighter equipped with a hard rubber “eraser”. This eraser works on any of the multi pens, highlighters, markers or regular paper for quick erase jobs; replacement “erasers” may be purchased separately as yours wears down over time.

Metamo ink was the original FriXion ink introduced back in 1975, and was designed specifically to transform color changes with temperature while remaining clear when cooled – creating writing instruments which could be used across different environments without needing separate erasers.

FriXion pens can be useful tools for many tasks, from drawing and note writing to creating colorful bullet journals. Due to its thermosensitive ink, however, FriXion pens should not be used when signing important documents or left in hot cars; additionally they are not advised for repeated writing on documents like school assignments or legal contracts as erased marks reappear when the paper cools; removal requires rubbing; placing it in a freezer may work too but will warp the page more rapidly than its usual method of action.


The FriXion Pen is an outstanding erasable pen, that feels great to use and features a premium feel in the hand. Retracting is smooth with a satisfying clicky sound while its eraser works reasonably well. Crafted of metal alloy with its executive look exhibited through shiny accents on clip and accents; making this an excellent option for meetings or document work at work.

This pen stands out as one of the top erasable pens on the market as it utilizes thermo-sensitive ink that erases with friction generated heat – much quicker and easier than having to place paper in an oven – to erase writing or drawing on documents. You also don’t risk ruining them when making multiple do-overs without worrying about ruining anything in the process.

This pen writes relatively smoothly, and its ink looks beautiful on both Tomoe River and composition book paper. However, there was some ghosting left on less porous composition book paper; erasing was effortless on Tomoe River however.

Another key attraction of this erasable pen is that they contain less harsh chemicals than similar products, making them better for both the environment and your hands. Furthermore, their ink is more resilient than many competitors’ so that it lasts longer over time.