Personal Review of Rolex GMT II Master

Absolutely, there is no need to introduce Rolex when talking about the world of luxury watches. The only people who do not like Rolex are those who cannot afford it. Other than that, people over the world are fan of Rolex’s masterpieces.

Over time, Rolex has introduced some elegant, popular, luxury watches, and the GMT Master is one of the famous line-ups. Rolex GMT was first added to their line-up in 1988, and now, we have the modern version named Rolex GMT II Master. 

So, what’s so special about this watch? Let’s find out in the below review:


The Rolex watch is equipped with in-house movement, Rolex 3285. It features a 24-hour GMT clock, which is a second time-zone hourly display with date adjustment, stop-seconds function, and a central hour hand.

The Rolex 3285 movement has a unbelievable 70-hour power reserve, almost 3 days. Several Rolex customers have requested for this modification from the company. An upgraded power reserve has matched other new internal motions. The accuracy of this precision chronometer is maintained at -2/+2 seconds per day

GMT Bezel

The bezels are the most prominent feature of the Rolex GMT II. Earlier before the debut of the Pepsi GMT, there was still a black and red bezels model that was called “Coke”. Thus, it’s only logical that the blue and red comparison was named “Pepsi.”

What’s noteworthy would be that the Pepsi GMT has a lot of blues and reds in it, according to both historical and contemporary literature. Some models have higher amounts than others, such as the red links with a purple shade.

Rolex has done an excellent job with the new bezel for the Pepsi GMT model 126710 BLRO.


The Rolex GMT Master II is an excellent timepiece. The Pepsi timepiece features a black dial that complements the Rolex Submariner Date. Both hour and minute hands on the Mercedes are particularly bright and point to the triangular and ringed hour indicators. 

Interestingly, the Pepsi GMT II Master is that Rolex didn’t hesitate to adopt the Submariner’s dial. Legibility is important, and that is precisely what this dial provides. Even in low-light situations, you’ll be able to glance downwards at your wristwatch and swiftly check the time.


Both fresh and pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master watches were initially created to aid pilots with their routing. Their rough and handsome style and their outstanding usefulness have drawn guys from all walks of life. This watch is popular to travel enthusiasts since it has several time zone settings.

Let us now return to the subject of color. Compared to the jeans-blue GMT-Master 1675 introduced in the 1970s, this variant is nearly violet. Don’t you have other clocks with which to assess the color? That isn’t a major issue. It wasn’t easy, as per Rolex, to keep coming up with about the same color combination.

Selling Price

At retail level, it always sells at high price for the Rolex watches. But considering their quality and luxury, everything seems worth it. Moreover, Rolex customers do not worry about pricing because it is popular in second-hand market and their major concern is an elegant-looking watch that this wristwatch does well.