Pediatric Dentistry in Noida Through Floss Dental

Pediatric Dentistry in Noida with Floss Dental is dedicated to offering children expert dental care that’s both child-friendly and comfortable, including repairs for cavities, diet counselling services and early assessment for any misalignments in their jaw or misalignments in their bites. They offer treatments like filling tooth cavities quickly and providing diet advice in an inviting environment.

The Pediatric Dentist

A pedodontist is a dental specialist that specializes in pediatric dental issues from infants through teens, such as oral growth and development, crookedness of teeth and gum disease. Because these issues require professional intervention to resolve properly, it’s best to visit an expert pedodontist like Noida Pediatric Dentist with extensive knowledge in this field.

Pediatric dentists specialize in treating children’s dental disease and can ensure a comfortable visit. Furthermore, these dentists use tools and techniques designed specifically for them. Finally, these dental practitioners can teach children proper dental hygiene.

An appointment with a pediatric dentist is critical as your child’s teeth structure and alignment continue to develop rapidly. Primary (milk) teeth will gradually give way to permanent adult teeth; without proper care taken now, some could fall out prematurely and cause much discomfort later.

Pediatric dentists in Noida offer several advantages to children. Some benefits of visiting a pediatric dentist in Noida:

Your pediatric dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth of your child to remove plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay and other dental issues, apply fluoride protection against cavities, recommend healthy diet plans and provide good oral hygiene advice to them.

Additionally, dental specialists provide regular examinations to assess the health of your kid’s teeth and gums. They may repair or replace loosening or damaged teeth as necessary and even extract an affected one if required. Furthermore, space maintainers or regainers for lost primary teeth may be available through them as treatments.

Floss Dental in Noida offers an exclusive, modern and relaxing dental clinic experience for its patients. Our doctors strive to make dentistry affordable, faster, efficient and painless with modern technologies, procedures and staff training programs. Our aim is to give your children smiles they will always remember!

Dr. Deepti Goel

Dr. Deepti Goel is an experienced Pediatric Dentist with over 11 years of clinical experience treating dental diseases. She earned an MDS – Paedodontics And Preventive Dentistry degree from ITS Dental College Greater Noida in 2014, after earning a BDS degree at Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma University Of Health Sciences Rohtak in 2012.

She is renowned Pediatric Dentist in Gautam Budha Nagar and trusted by her patients to address their medical needs. Her track record speaks for itself – providing excellent medical care such as tooth decay treatment, gum bleeding treatment, broken tooth treatment and teeth sensitivity treatment are among many others she provides for them.

As well as dental treatment, the clinic also provides orthodontic solutions for children, including dental braces and Invisalign. Their state-of-the-art equipment and technology ensure they have an enjoyable experience; Dr. Klingenberg and her team specialize in offering child-focused dental care in an easygoing setting.

Location: FS Plaza Shop 5, Ground Floor, Jagat Farm, Block E Chandila Gamma 1, Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh 201310. Our clinic features modern technologies and equipment designed to ensure the safety of your child. Open on all weekdays between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm with Sunday hours being 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

To schedule an appointment with a doctor, visit the Bajaj Finserv Health portal and select your mode of consultation – video or in-clinic consultation is available, depending on your preference and convenience. Once you have made your choice, submit your details online before making payment to confirm your date and time slot – payment methods accepted include credit/debit/EMI cards as well as cash.


Pediatric Dentists specialize in providing children with treatment in an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere, with preventative dental care to avoid future issues. Treatments offered may include filling and repairing tooth cavities, taking X-rays of the teeth and cleaning. Fluoride treatment, diet advice and oral hygiene instructions may also be provided; in instances when they cannot help directly they may refer children on to an orthodontist for further specialized help.

On a routine examination, pediatric dentists assess the health of both your child’s teeth and gums. If necessary, they may suggest fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth against decay, while treating any symptoms associated with gum disease like sore, swollen, or bleeding gums.

Pediatric dentists may suggest extraction or root canal surgery in order to treat infected teeth. Sometimes they will prescribe antibiotics in order to combat oral bacteria infections; however, these drugs may cause side effects such as diarrhea and yeast infections in the mouth if prescribed incorrectly; it’s therefore essential that when selecting one to follow clinical guidelines when prescribing such drugs.

Pediatric dentists provide more than just teeth and gum treatments; they can also advise parents on how best to care for their children’s teeth at home – this includes brushing, flossing and using dental rinses. Furthermore, pediatric dentists may suggest an excellent toothpaste and teach proper tooth-brushing technique for children.

When your child loses a baby tooth, it is vitally important that they visit a dentist immediately. Doing so can prevent cavities and infections in the socket as well as allow an implant to replace their lost baby tooth more successfully.

Floss Dental is a family-friendly clinic offering cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, teeth whitening, root canal procedures and extraction, implant dentistry and orthodontics at an affordable price with modern amenities. Their experienced dentists specialize in quality dental care to the benefit of all their patients; emergency services are also provided 24/7! Committed to making dentistry faster, better and painless using modern technologies and procedures they strive towards a seamless dental experience for all their patients.


Floss Dental Clinic in Noida stands out as a premier clinic with modern facilities offering advanced dentistry services at an affordable cost, such as root canal, teeth whitening and orthodontics treatments. Their experienced dentists can quickly help alleviate your dental woes.

If your gums have become inflamed, the best treatment solution is visiting a specialist in this field. Gum Surgery in Noida offered here is highly effective and quick, while dentists will take great care in providing follow-ups so as to make sure the treatment is working.

Floss Dental is located at 2nd Floor, Plot No 514 Hazipur Sector 104 Noida Uttar Pradesh 201304 INDIA. They are a limited liability partnership firm established on 22 May 2018 and registered with Registrar of Companies Kanpur; its designated partners are Pulkit Jhingan and Rekha Goel who are known for providing excellent work quality as well as superior customer service.