Myths About Solar Panels you should not believe

The demand for sustainable energy sources is increasing in order to mitigate the effects of global warming, which has been compounded by increased emissions, on our environment. We are surrounded by a plethora of renewable energies, particularly solar energy that have the potential to be used all year. Even while this is true, there is still skepticism regarding the benefits of residential solar panels. Solar energy skepticism must be dispelled, and the future prognosis for the technology must be bolstered.

  • Myth: Solar Panels Don’t Work When It’s Cold Outside

Solar panels work in sunny, cold, and even dark environments. Solar panel innovations allow them to perform more efficiently and effectively in lower temperatures than in hot temperatures. Furthermore, foggy weather has no effect on the effectiveness of solar panels in Sydney; they can still create enough energy to be a viable source of energy. Cold, sunny winter days also produce energy at a rate comparable to that of hot summer days.

  1. Myth: Solar panels wreak havoc on your roof.

Solar panels benefit directly from the portion of the roof they shield and maintain. Because the panels are not directly linked to the roof and are just placed on top of it, they can be quickly removed and need to be fixed. If there are any gaps between the rooftop and the panels, the sealant is usually used to fill them up. Furthermore, the mounts are protected by “flashing” metal or external safety shields. Always remember to inspect your roof for damage before installing a new rooftop.

  • Myth: Converting to solar is a difficult procedure…

Switching to solar energy, believe it or not, is relatively straightforward. Although there are several phases involved in the operation of a solar system, determining the best option isn’t difficult. Many homeowners begin by determining the amount of solar energy that can be generated at their location. Solar energy businesses, such as DFW Solar Electric, can help you assess your home’s solar energy potential. DFW Solar Electric’s approach is set up such that we take care of everything while keeping you updated. We’ll prepare an obligation-free proposal and answer any questions you have regarding the products or finance. To complete your system design, one of our solar experts will come to your home to inspect your electrical box and take measurements of your roof.

  • Myth: Installing solar panels will necessitate more upkeep…


Solar panels have no moving parts and, unexpectedly, do not require routine maintenance. We recommend cleaning the panels and completing a routine system check once a year at DFW Solar Electric. Customers of DFW Solar Electric can easily reach out for additional professional assistance if any additional maintenance or cleaning is required. Weather-related maintenance is also uncommon. Solar panels are built to survive extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and hail. Furthermore, many homeowners’ insurance policies will cover solar systems for little or no extra cost.

  • Myth: Solar would depreciate the value of my home.

Quite the reverse, in fact. According to a study by National Renewable Energy Labs, homes with solar panels sell 20 percent faster and for 17 percent more money than properties without solar panels. According to the Appraisal Journal, every $1,000 saved on annual electricity costs increases the value of your home by $20,000.