Mfg Industry with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

When the 5G network is rising, the manufacturing sector will be able to adopt several new technologies that enable to help streamline operations, thereby improving business output. Prediction says, 5G networks will change the manufacturing industry by bringing speed, efficiency, and new capabilities through data-driven processes.

The fourth industrial revolution with a combination of 5G networks or industry 4.0 will be able to bring operational efficiency and data insights not only to the factory floor but also to the supply chain. Since the 5G networks will be able to transmit data 20 times faster than 4G, the factory floor will be more automated, operationally efficient, and more data-driven by employing circumstantial information to make decisions for completing tasks successfully.

5G is the powerful connecting force in manufacturing businesses in terms of transferring data between every component of the manufacturing environment, hence manufacturing industries are making productivity more compared to earlier technology. There are several opportunities over the 5G network, which enable improved output in the manufacturing sector. So, now let us see how stable 5G Network with Accurate Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Accurate RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester will benefit manufacturing industry. Let’s get started!

How the 5G network is impacting or driving change in the manufacturing industry?

Impact on Automation

With the 5G supporting innovations in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), factory equipment such as industrial robots could help manage task-intelligent, this will help several factories or manufacturing setups to replace time-consuming manual procedures with more precise, efficient digitized processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) on the 5G-enabled technologies, intelligent automation will be benefitted not only in the production process but also in inventory management and warehouse logistics. Further, 5G’s ultra-computing capabilities will facilitate manufacturing companies to design robots, which are benefited in terms of increased data integration and real-time decision making, for instance- the automobile industry uses collaborative robots to complete tasks such as working in dangerous conditions, which are not suitable for individuals.

Impact on Supply Chain or Asset Tracking

Relying on the 5G technology-supported sensor and camera technology, manufacturers will be benefitted not only during the production process but also by tracking the assets, inventory, and equipment in factories in real-time. Thus, manufacturing companies based on 5G supported applications will be able to maintain closer tabs on their products – starting from manufacturing, delivery status (location and condition of the shipped products) at every waypoint to the checking of climate conditions in the entire supply chain. Moreover, manufacturers with the utilization or adoption of 5G coverage will be able to reduce operating costs by simplifying operational, maintenance, and repair processes.

Impact on Quality Assurance

The 5G network-supported factory will work in a smarter way when it comes to the quality assurance aspect – 5G-connected cameras along with sensor network technology will help workers to recognize and prevent product defects while maintaining quality and safety standards. With mobile edge compute (MEC) on 5G, massive amounts of data will be analyzed in near-real time, and new methods of AI-driven inspection and testing will be allowed. In addition, some other benefits such as increasing productivity, saving money, minimizing human error, and ensuring consumers receive higher-quality products can be availed by manufacturers or manufacturing companies when they use 5G network connectivity in their factories or production unit.


The powerful 5G network technology will bring many opportunities to the manufacturing industry as several manufacturers have already started adopting digital technology- beneficial to increase their productivity, maintain smarter, more efficient operations, and safer conditions for workers.

Some of the benefits that wireless 5G connected manufacturing units or production houses can experience are factory-wide coverage, data prospects in the entire manufacturing industry ecosystem, enhanced security, etc. But, in the manufacturing industry, wireless network 5G may create network issues, therefore manufacturers need a stable 5G network with exceptional security. To meet their requirements, RantCell has been designed and developed in such a way as to test network connectivity in the manufacturing industry. RantCell is a top-notch mobile network testing tool or app-based software that will help several manufacturing companies to avail improved network coverage with QoE.