Interactive Video Examples

Branch video

Branching videos are great for engaging customers as they require customers to choose their own adventures. When you decide where your video goes, customers can have their own personal experience of your brand. Because of this, your customers will be more interested in your brand and products than other companies that only use traditional linear video.


Everyone likes to spend their time having fun. Gamified videos are great for entertaining on your platform while also rewarding your customers. By offering discount codes or other incentives to win the game, customers are more likely to watch the video until the end.

Buy video

Take your online shopping experience to the next level by purchasing videos. Here customers can learn more about the products by clicking on the hotspots. You can also add products directly to the shopping cart and buy them immediately.

Did you know that 68% of consumers prefer a short video to find out about a new product? This is a unique opportunity to generate more leads and revenue. You can also gain a competitive advantage over the competition with classic films.

Sales advice

Do you want to interact more with your customers to answer their questions? Next, see what a trading advice video can do for you. This type of interactive post video reduces the need for phone calls for sales and customer service. Additionally, sales advice videos make customers feel like they are feeling stronger by putting the buyer in the customer’s hands.

Personalized video

Would you like to reach your customers more personally? Use your customer data to create personalized videos with insights from implicit content. Show your customers how much you value them by adding personalized birthday or Christmas greetings to build loyalty with your brand.

Product search video

Help customers find the perfect gift with the Video Item Finder. Here the video shows the demographics, interests, etc. of the person receiving the gift. Will ask customers questions to determine users will receive a product recommendation based on the answers to the questions in the video. Increase customer loyalty and increase sales by helping customers find products that meet their needs.


If you want to keep your customers’ attention longer and more of the engagement turned into a conversation, consider using interactive post videos.

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