How to make a secure organization after Covid-19

After Covid-19, many organizations initiated hybrid and remote working, allowing their maximum number of employees to work from home. While some of them around 20-25% were working from offices. But after nearly two years, many organizations are bringing back their employees and starting working from offices. 

If you are one of them and looking for efficient yet secure ways to keep your employee safe and healthy regarding COVID-19. 

As an organization, you have to look for factors that will make them motivated yet safe. Suppose you are looking for furniture and different features to upgrade your office, then office plus. ae is here for you. We manufacture different sizes, styles, and types of cubicles and give free design guides to our clients. Office plus. ae is considered one of the best office furniture Dubai

Following are some guidelines to make an attractive, comfortable, yet secure workplace for your employees.

  • Remote working:

The best way to have a healthy and protective team is to allow remote working. Employees can work from home and other remote locations, it is always not feasible for every job, but it makes it possible for some. It will allow a minimum range of employees to work in an office that can work with social distancing. Employees will have less exposure to other people. 

Another benefit remote working gives us, is that it reduces cost factor. Less number of employees working from offices will require less accommodation work appliance.

  • Installing glass barriers:

Installing a transparent glass barrier is another way to have social distancing between employees working in open space offices. These barriers allow you to have a safer working environment, reducing direct man-to-man interaction. 

  • Social distancing:

Another way to have a guarded workplace is by practicing social distancing. Try to limit employees gathering in cafeterias, restrooms and try to have six feet apart spacers attached on floors. 

You can invest in cubicles as it is the best way to have spacing between employees. Investing in new cubicles will be a great option to look upon. Larger cubicles make sure to have 6 feet distance between each employee. office plus. ae offer exclusive design of cubicles and workstations that are effective for social distancing. 

Our new collection of cubicles is designed as per current demand. Maintaining 6-feet distance between employees. These cubicles and workstations are not only secure to have, but they are trendy in designs. Our complete office furniture collection is manufactured by imported German EGGER  material. Every furniture designs are available in a variety of size and color combinations. 

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Benefits to purchasing new office furniture:

As employees are returning to the office after 2 years. Remodeling your office design or investing in new office furniture will give them a welcoming and energetic feel. Investing in new office furniture boosts employees’ morale, minimizes turnover, and increases their capability. 

Additionally, it will help you achieve social distancing, which will give employees a feeling of a safe workplace, where they will feel comfortable and productive. 

Many organizations started renovating and modifying their interiors day by day. Office furniture allows people to regulate their location, position, and best posture. Still, it is the critical factor of work satisfaction, which boosts productivity and helps them have a sense of control. 

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