How pallet racking helps to store bulk material more effectively?

Are you wondering how to store the heavy and bulk materials in your factory, warehouse, or even in your household, concisely?

Well, the drums, barrels, steel items, raw materials, bricks, and blocks, etc. can be stored in numerous ways. The most precise option available in this regard is pallet racking which provides great efficiency in storing heavy and bulk items.

Pallet racking system is a storage handling system that is used to store and support higher stacking single products or larder loads. It serves as an essential component of manufacturing, distributing and storage operations that allows rapid access to stored materials.

Pallet racking, for sure is the most used method for storage purposes because of its durable and long-lasting qualities and consistency making it an undeniable option for both, the manufacturers and the distributors.

Here are some brief ideas on the common types of pallet racking that can help you to store larger loads in smaller spaces:

Selective pallet racking:

Selective pallet racking is comprised of cross beams and uprights for storage purposes. This kind of pallet racking provides a solution for storing a wide range of loads in warehouses. 

It helps in direct access to all the items at the same time and allows you to put and move anything from any position without moving the other items.

Selective pallet racking helps in achieving easy control of the entire stock at the same time along with effective load control regardless of the volume and weight. 

Drive-in pallet racking:

If you want to store many items at the same place and have fewer aisles, then you should go for the drive-in pallet racking. However, this time you’ll need a truck to pick up the pallets and move it from one place to another.

Drive-in pallet racking is more flexible in storing larger loads in smaller places. Some sort of collisions among the products is ensured as there is a high product density which likewise lowers the selectivity.

Push back pallet racking:

This kind of pallet racking is mostly viewed in cart riding. Here you have to loft and remove the items one by one with the help of a forklift. It provides a smooth placement and retrieval of products.

Push back pallet racking is comparatively much better as it provide 90% more product density than selective pallet racking. Having multiple drive-in racks, it provides more selectivity and ensures faster moving and picking of the products.

Why pallet racking is a good option to store bulk materials?

As discussed earlier, pallet racking systems are something that can’t be ignored. The following qualities make it a reliable and active option for the storage purposes:

  • Pallet racking helps in effective utilization of space which in turn provides essential growth to the business.
  • Pallets racking undergoes customization as per the user’s requirements. This can help in finding out a feasible solution, keeping in view the space and budgetary needs.
  • Pallet racks are durable and long-lasting as they are made of steel. They can full-fill the needs of a warehouse or a factory even for many decades.
  • It can save time and space which causes a boost in the productivity of any business.