How Do I Decide Which Architect Is Right for Me?

Choosing an architect may be compared to choosing a dog. Before getting a puppy, you do research to determine what type you want based on how they appear, what exercise requirements they have, what specific personality traits are common with that breed, what size they are or will grow to be, how far away they are located to go pick one out.

Learn about the criteria for working with the architect.

Do they charge on a monthly or project-by-project basis?

Are their rates set? What type of agreement would they need you to sign?

Perform they solely do new builds or renovations?

Do they mainly serve your area?

Some of this information will be accessible on their website, but calling the office will usually provide you with the information you want. If you’re unsure what questions to ask, ask the architect to describe the process of working with them.

1. Request References

Working with anybody may be difficult, so inquire about past customers’ experiences with the architect. Inquire about the project’s progress and if the architect responded quickly to queries. Did they complete the job on time and under budget? Did they oversee the project from start to finish, or did they give it over to the contractor after design and permitting? Is there someone who answers the phone when you call or do you have to deal with an automated system?

2. Arrange A Meeting To Introduce Yourself To The Architect And Determine Who Will Be On The Team

Your personalities and theirs must be compatible so that you can operate together. You will give your architect some extremely personal information, so choose someone with whom you feel at ease.

3. Everyone Is Concerned That The Architect Is Solely Interested In Creating A Spectacle And Charging A High Fee

This is a major misunderstanding. Arizona Architects are educated in the study of space. They spend years honing the abilities required to fit as much as possible into the smallest space and make it function so well that you’d never guess how difficult it was to get that final closet between the bathroom and the kitchen.

Arizona Architects can often locate the room in your plan or budget that you had not considered, but you must be certain that the architect you pick can satisfy your objectives. Be ready to listen to their recommendations since they may know more, but be transparent about your budget, timescale, and expectations.

Bottom Line

If you select the appropriate architect, you will be rewarded with the beautiful environment they developed with you after the project. It’s like leaving your customers with a feeling of “place.” A sense that the places they designed not only work but also improve their lives by enabling them to perform the things that are most important to them.

If you’re still unsure about hiring an architect, check back in a few weeks when we’ll go through the benefits of working with one.