How can I get my CCIE recertified?

People are looking for the best ways by which they can leverage their skills. Different people have been striving to be a part of successful companies. Certifications have become quite popular. Certification helps people meet their goals. Therefore, they are trying to get certifications to be more financially independent. CCIE and CNCP certifications are the most famous certifications. These certifications help people become certified professionals. These certifications guarantee high salaries to the certified professionals.

CCIE and CCNP certifications cover a large technology area, and they add value to the skills. The skills are required in the enterprise systems to design, plan, operate, and optimize the networks. 

Candidates need to try their best and work hard to become the CCIE certification. They have to pass two exams: the lab exam and the other is the written exam. Those candidates that have passed the qualifying exam get the CCIE certification. SPOTO is a great platform for candidates to get study material to study for CCIE certification.

Exams to qualify

The candidates have two exams to qualify. The first step is to pass the qualifying exam. The qualifying exam is the Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR). This exam is conducted to check the knowledge and skills of the candidate. This exam includes architecture, dual-stack, IPv4 and IPv6 architecture, automation, network assurance, virtualization and infrastructure. 

The second step is to pass the lab exam. The candidates have to pass the 8-hour long practical exam. This exam is the CCIE Enterprise infrastructure v1.0 exam. The lab exam checks the end-to-end encryption of the networks. Optimizing and operating topics are included in this exam.

Candidates should know the terms and conditions of certifications. Every candidate must pass the lab exams and qualifying exams. There are no formal and certain terms and conditions to get this certification. However, the candidates must have 5 to 7 years of experience designing, deploying, optimizing, and operating networking technologies and solutions. 

How do recertify the CCIE certifications?

People should know that CCIE certifications are expired over a certain time. Therefore, the candidates have to apply for recertification to continue their careers. The CCIE and other certifications are valid for three years, and after three years, they need to be certified. There is a certain recertification process for the CCIE recertification. 

For recertification, the candidate has to pass

  • One expert-level certification exam
  • One CCIE la or practical exam
  • Three expert and professional certification exams
  • One core exam
  • One technology professional concentration exam
  • Get 120 education points
  • Secure 120 credit hours

This is the standard process for the recertification of CCIE certifications. Candidates have to recertify these certifications after every three years. This is how they can continue their careers as professional CCIE certified professionals. You can click to read Cisco CCIE recertification.

The points mentioned above are the most significant points people should know about CCIE certifications. People should follow the terms and conditions of CCIE certifications. They must follow the standard recertification process to recertify their CCIE certifications.