General Gynaecology in Noida Niraamaya Clinic by Dr Bhumika Shukla

When searching for a gynecologist in Noida, it’s essential to consider their qualifications and experience as well as whether or not they accept your insurance network and offer convenient hours.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla is an acclaimed OB-GYN with thousands of surgeries under her belt. She specializes in high-risk pregnancy care, laparoscopy, and infertility services.

For general gynaecology in Noida, visit Niraamaya Clinic. 

Dr. Satwika Dey

Obstetrician and Gynecologists specialize in female reproductive health, providing care for conditions such as pelvic pain or infertility. Known for her dedication and compassion in using cutting-edge technology to manage complex cases. They have performed thousands of vaginal deliveries with no complications encountered as well as many Caesarean sections and abdominal hysterectomies – always while upholding high ethical standards.

Gynecologists specialize in diagnosing and treating women’s issues ranging from puberty to menopause and transgender surgery procedures, among others. Patients can quickly locate qualified gynecologists through Practo where all doctor credentials are transparently displayed for all to view; our platform also allows patients to book appointments or request consultations easily.

Dr. Meenakshi Tanwar

OB-GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) is a field that specializes in women’s reproductive health and diseases related to their pelvic region, such as menopause, high-risk pregnancy, infertility and other illnesses. Treatment can include medications to address menopause symptoms as well as treatments for specific medical issues like menopause or infertility issues.

Dr Meenakshi Tanwar, who graduated with honors from King Georges Medical College in Lucknow and holds over 10 years of experience in women’s healthcare, established Niraamaya Clinic so she could provide direct patient service – something hospitals lacked!

She specializes in Abortion/Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), Complicated Pregnancy Treatment and Gynaecological Endoscopy. In addition, she is experienced at dealing with PCOS which causes cysts on your ovaries that prevent you from ovulating normally.

Dr. Manisha Saxena

Gynecologists specialize in treating reproductive health issues for women, such as birth control, pregnancy, labor and delivery care as well as post-pregnancy care. In addition, they perform surgeries and prescribe medications to address various gynecological concerns; while some gynecologists also have additional training in maternal-fetal medicine and infertility.

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) occurs when the ovaries produce too many male hormones, preventing the eggs from being released and leading to irregular periods and weight gain, acne breakouts and excess hair growth.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla is an esteemed gynecologist and infertility specialist with over 10 years of experience providing women’s healthcare. Known for her ethical medical practice and friendly attitude, patients regularly visit Dr. Shukla for Abortion/Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), Complicated Pregnancy Treatment and Gynaecological Endoscopy services.

Dr. Monica Malik

Dr. Monica Malik is an accomplished Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, with over 27 years of experience treating complex medical cases. Known for her warm approach, Dr. Monica specializes in female sexual health issues, PCOD, pregnancy exercises, premarital counselling services, diseases during gestation and providing high risk pregnanc care services.

Cloudnine Hospital in Sector 51 and Singhal Maternity and Medical Clinic in Noida both employ Dr. Shah for her expertise in Normal Delivery, Abortion/ Medical Termination of Pregnancy/ Infertility Management services. Dr Shah obtained both her MBBS and DGO degrees from Shivaji University Kolhapur as well as King George’s Medical College Lucknow (LL), earning two master degrees specializing in Obstetrics & Gynecology respectively.

Dr. Manisha Tomar

Gynecological systems refers to female reproductive organs and tissues. This includes breasts, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes – which a gynecologist is trained to diagnose and treat any disorders with such as menstrual issues or reproductive cancers.

Gynecologists provide patients with prescriptions and surgical treatments for various gynaecological problems, and offer counseling about sexual health and family planning.

Gynecologists can also assist women suffering from PCOS. This condition causes cysts to form on a woman’s ovaries, preventing her from ovulating. As a result, irregular periods, weight gain and acne may result. PCOS can also increase androgens levels significantly; to avoid potential complications it’s wise to visit a gynecologist for treatment.

Dr. Nidhi Goswami

Many women often disregard chest pain if it does not relate to exertion; however, it’s essential that women recognize it as one of the early warning signs of a heart attack.

Women should schedule a gynecological exam and pap smear regularly, regardless of their age. This allows a physician to detect any early warning signs such as endometriosis or cervical cancer and potentially avoid serious complications later. Women should inspect nipples and vulvae for lumps, changes in shape or redness as well as monitor urine color for signs of UTIs.

Dr. Srivastava

Dr. Srivastava specializes in treating diseases and conditions related to the cardiovascular system (the heart and blood vessels). As a board-certified internist with extensive clinical trial experience, she also holds board certification.

Gynaecologists are specialists who can assist women with various issues related to reproductive health, such as infertility, period pain and uterine fibroids. Additionally, they are often called upon to diagnose and treat other health concerns like endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

At her consultations, she takes great care in fully explaining patients’ conditions and developing an appropriate treatment plan for each. With expertise and compassion at her core, many satisfied patients have found her services invaluable. In addition to participating in clinical trials involving cataract surgery and glaucoma management management.

Dr. Mamta Sahu

Dr. Mamta Sahu is a well-recognized Gynecologist practicing at Niraamaya Clinics in Noida’s sectors 82 and 147, where she offers various treatments such as Endometriosis Treatment, High Risk Pregnancy Care, Fertility Treatments. She obtained her MBBS degree at JawaharLal Medical College before going on to obtain her DGO from Aligarh Muslim University.

As an MRCOG of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), she is trusted by patients for Abortion/Medical Termination of Pregnancy services, Complicated Pregnancy Care needs and Gynecological Endoscopy needs. Appointments with her can be booked on Practo from Monday – Saturday; her availability varies.