Frat Boy Outfit Tips

The key to frat boy style is to avoid revealing skin. Shorts should never be below the knee and they should be slim and unpleated. Unlike jeans, cargo shorts are not appropriate for evening events. While LL Bean boots are extremely durable, they do not fit comfortably. Boat shoes are also not a good choice, as they can be uncomfortable, even when laced. However, nice sneakers are appropriate for this occasion and are suitable for casual days out with the bros.

For the shirt, go with a preppy brand or a striped polo shirt. If you’re going to wear a college jersey, get a fraternity jersey. You can buy these from campus gift shops. You can also wear a plain t-shirt and a tank top. You can use the striped polo shirt to look more formal. Finally, choose a simple solid-colored tie to complete the look.

Pants. A frat boy’s wardrobe is not complete without a pair of pants. Whether you’re looking for a preppy look or a more casual look, a polo shirt and chino pants will complete the outfit. A t-shirt with a plaid design or a witty slogan is not appropriate for a frat party. Nonetheless, they can be worn when working around heavy machinery or at the gym.


A great pair of aviators or a pair of boat shoes will complete the frat look. Don’t forget to wear boat shoes. A classic Frat boy look won’t be complete without a pair of boat shoes. If you’re looking for a more fashionable option, you can go with a pastel colored polo shirt or a brightly colored short. The aviators and the sunglasses will be a perfect finishing touch. A matching belt will finish the look.

If you’re looking for a country club look, a white button down shirt and a blazer are essential. To complete the look, add a necktie and leather loafers. A tuxedo should be a classic. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with a tuxedo, you should invest in a new one. You’ll be glad you did.

Final Words

A good Frat boy outfit starts with the right type of clothing. For example, you should choose a dark blue shirt, or a dark green shirt. If you’re a fan of blue, you should also wear a red one. A purple shirt is the perfect combination. For a more funky look, a gray one will do. A purple T-shirt is also an excellent choice. A gray T-shirt would be a good choice.

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