Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 was released on Sept 14th, 2021, at a digital-only event. The trend has continued with this version being categorized into different configurations. Examples include iPhone 13 pro and pro max. However, each model has different specifications. The iPhone 13 is based on camera and performance, which have been visible over the years. Let us dive right into all you need to know about the iPhone 13.


Key Features of the iPhone 13

  • Camera

The iPhone 13 family has one of the most-updated cameras in its history. Its camera entails several device changes that improve the photo’s qualities. This iPhone has a dual-camera system which has a wide camera. It also has a 12MP camera for better photos. A new cinematic mode lets you change focus when a person joins the frame. This occurs via software changes or machine learning. It is also possible to shift focus anytime manually with the help of the Dolby Vision.

The iPhone 13 also has an updated system called Photographic Styles. It enables a photographer to edit photos live when shooting. This is dissimilar from filters that are applied afterward. You can also shoot ProRes video, a standard for quality videos.

  • Processor

Apple has developed a processor that features enhanced performance and is power-efficient. The iPhone 13 has an updated chip that has two high-performance cores. Even though Apple does not release its chip’s specifications, the A15 has a 60% better processing ability. The A15 Bionic chip works with the coprocessor on the chip.

  • GPU

The iPhone 13 has graphics power that enhances faster performance. This performance is also boosted by the updated CPU design.


  • Display

The iPhone 13 has an OLED display which is brighter and entails the Dolby vision. It has a 29% brighter display which sustains 900 nits of brightness. It also supports HDR content. The iPhone 13 also has a Retina XDR display which can output over 2000 nits of outdoor brightness. It also features the Pro Motion technology, which allows the screen to refresh up to 240fps. This technology has been present for years, but Apple has put it in its devices.

  • Storage

The iPhone is the first series to have 64 GB storage. You can also get extra storage from nearby shops.

  • Battery Life

Apple has strived to increase battery performance on its gadgets. This has been made possible by the A15 Bionic chip. Apple has also expanded its physical battery on almost all models, improving the gadget’s performance and battery life. The iPhone 13 can store power for two hours more than the previous version.

  • Additional Features

The iPhone 13 is available in different colors like pink and midnight blue. It also has a Ceramic shield with aluminum sides. It also has an IP68 water-resistance ability that can last in water for over thirty minutes.

The iPhone 13 is a state-of-the-art gadget with great specs. It has an improved battery and performance to keep you set for the day. This phone also has an outstanding camera to help you capture your best moments. Contact us for good quality phones to serve you for a long time.