Essential elements to incorporate into the foyer inside the house

The foyer and passage inside the house can be made into one of the most aesthetic and functional aspects of the home. Since it is the first and the last thing you see when you enter or leave the house, its functionality and look becomes important. All the things that you may need at the last minute or that you may want to discard as soon as you get home can be placed here carefully and beautifully. Imagine how amazing it would be if you did not need a reminder to take your house keys or an umbrella and you still found them right at the doorstep!

Cabinets for shoes – The primary requirement once you step out of the house and probably the last thing you will need are your footwear. Having a slipper stand by the door will serve a great purpose. Not only will it help you change your shoes right before you go out, thus keeping the rest of the house clean, but it can also be chosen well to match the other items of furniture in the house and the living room. You can find several different shoe cabinets at your disposal. 

  • Bennis shoe cabinet – With tiny slits for better breathability, this shoe cabinet is made up of a dark walnut finish that gives the house a different look and style.
  • Webster Shoe cabinet – Made specifically for people with several house members or shoe needs like high heels, this cabinet offers you a lot of storage space. 
  • Marco Entryway bench – Sit and wear your shoes and slippers with this bench that can be kept at the passage. Make it easier and comfier for your guests as well.

Stand for coats – A coat rack is not an unusual find in India these days. Many people, especially in the winters, prefer to adorn coats and jackets that they would not like to bring into the house as they may be damp. Even during the rains, raincoats can be hung on this stand making it a good purchase that can be made useful all-year round. Not only coats, but you can also make use of it by keeping your big hats and sunglasses on them for the summer, bags, and scarves for the winter, etc. A small slit can also be found where you can put your shoes and slippers. 

  • Alfred Coat Rack – With teak and a mahogany finish, this coat rack has several spots to efficiently hold and hang coats and jackets without any creases or folds. Keep your hats and sling bags also at ease as it has several notches where these can be hung. Use the ladder-like slits to keep other items like umbrellas, napkins, etc.

Looking for ways to decorate the passage of your house? Amp it up in such a way that it is also useful to the members of the house and the guests. Align and match the elements you would like to add to this area with the other parts of the home for a properly planned and finished look. Bask in the glory of your well-made house as you rejoice and celebrate the stunning furniture pieces you bought at affordable prices without many hassles – and all under one very competent roof!