Cerner ERM VS Elation EMR – A Comparison by Features!

Find the Best EHR/EMR System for You- Implementing software like Cerner or Elation requires much investigation along with comparing facts and figures. This article uses features, pricing models, ease of use, integration, and customer support as parameters for users to compare the two and the best software.

Top Features of Cerner EMR:

Cerner EMR is a cloud-based EHR software designed to streamline the operations and workflow of health organizations. Silent features are:

  • Clinical Documentation: Narrative, auto text and voice recognition, and speech-to-text support make charting and documentation more accessible and efficient. Any applicable patient information like meds or findings is naturally included.
  • Built-In Templates: Various prebuilt templates limit the time physicians need to spend on documentation.
  • Health Analytics: Provides insights to help enhance clinical, financial, and population health strategies, which help identify long-term and daily operational improvement opportunities.
  • Patient Portal: Patients can exchange messages, request refills, view clinical information, and check evidence-based data.
  • Appointment Management: Automates the appointment scheduling process from centralized and decentralized booking locations within a department or facility. It also Manages scheduling across multiple facilities and scheduling a series of appointments.
  • Patient Kiosk: A self-service solution for patients to check in for and manage appointments. They can view and update demographics, insurance information, and complete registration forms. It also supports storing signed documents in patients’ electronic health records.
  • PowerChart Touch: Enables physicians in acute or ambulatory settings to access and review their patient’s clinical data and current orders on smartphones or tablets.
  • Enterprise Master Person Index: Minimizes duplicate records, enabling end-users to find the correct person.
  • Wandering Organizer: Shows a day-to-day quiet timetable, the time a patient checked in, the justification for their visit per the admission structure, and required documentation. It likewise shows remarkable errands.

Top Features of Elation EMR:

Elation EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record and patient management system for doctors & physicians. Its essential features are:

  • Patient Portal: Clients and physicians may interact securely and HIPAA-compliantly, according to Elation EMR assessments. Clients may get the information they securely need on the internet. Clients also do not have to wait until office hours to speak with doctors about their problems. They may utilize this Cloud Based EMR Software feature anywhere and anytime if they have an internet connection. Clinicians can also use this client portal feature to encourage client communication. They can immediately call the facility and acquire vital information about current market legislation and reward schemes.
  • Prebuilt templates: A wide range of detailed documentation and charting tools are included in the application. It has a set that users may customize to match their own needs. The templates also aid therapists in adhering to specific coding and regulatory restrictions, allowing them to document client encounters more quickly. The user might reduce the time spent documenting and instead focus on improving their clients’ medical outcomes.
  • Charting tool: The program’s charting component initiates the billing procedure and records the entire client visit. Users can do all of their documentation and recording tasks and streamline their billing processes.
  • Electronic Prescriptions: The EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) has certified the software, allowing practitioners to generate and deliver digital prescriptions confidently. EPCS guarantees that the right medications are regulated to the perfect people with flawless timing. Medicine mistakes, drug blunders, and composing blunders are completely limited, which works on clinical outcomes. Doctors might also refill prescriptions digitally, making the treatment process more accessible. The component makes the solution cycle more productive, safe, and cost-proficient for drug stores, foundations, and clients.
  • Telehealth Capabilities: Its HIPAA-compliant video coaching sessions are handled via Zoom. This system also collects all the information customers will require for their online healthcare consultations. It additionally works on advanced medical care charging and installments by limiting code and documentation.
  • Client Scheduling: the client scheduling strategy is one of the most significant parts of providing high-quality healthcare services. It is vital to determine client requirements and establish suitable techniques to create a successful client scheduling policy. Appointment scheduling is well-organized and straightforward, aids client confidence, and significantly impacts yield.

Pricing of Cerner EMR and Elation EMR:

Cerner EMR platform starts at $25 per user/month. The cost may involve end-user training, video/self, group, department, and super-users training.  Whereas, Elation EMR solution charges the user on a subscription-based model. The pricing for EMR starts at $349/month.

Bottom line: Cerner EMR Millennium is more expensive than Elation EMR Health.

Ease of use:

According to reviews, about 73% of Cerner EMR users referencing usability mentioned that the product is easy to use and navigate. Elation EMR is also user-friendly and intuitive.

Mobile Apps:

Cerner EMR providers can review patient charts, request orders and refills, review diagnostics and check clinical results using their mobile. Voice dictation helps physicians with easy documentation. This app is accessed from Web-based, Mac (Desktop), Windows (Desktop), Windows (On-Premise), Linux (On-Premise), iPhone (Mobile), iPad (Mobile).

Conversely, Elation EMR is a web-based application, the software can be accessed from multiple devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


Cerner EMR Integrates with other systems to connect clinical, operational, and financial data using Health Network Architecture, an intelligent and extensible platform.

  • Cerner EMR Millennium: Securely interface each piece of care to the patient using Cerner Millennium, an expansive electronic prosperity record. Total and standardize information across sellers and stages utilizing Health e-Intent SM.
  • Care Aware: Leverage interoperability between medical devices, healthcare applications, and EHR systems.
  • Engineer Support: Collaborate with outsider and client designers utilizing Cerner EMR Open Developer Experience, which energizes open interchanges and gives API documentation, rules, and admittance to instruments for application improvement.

On the other hand, the Elation EMR app partners with labs, practice management, billing systems, and software tools to create a comprehensive solution for user practice. With Elation’s API and HL7 capabilities, the user will have an ecosystem of connected devices to run operations and facilitate coordinated care seamlessly.

Customer Support:

Both apps provide phone, email, and live support to their customers. Cerner EMR offers a variety of options. For example, it contributes to Calling the support line or using the eService portal, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year u-Cern, a suite of social collaboration tools. And user can Speed up the software adoption process using u-Cern, which provides social collaboration tools.

Whereas, Elation EMR offers Training options vis Videos, Live Online, Webinars, In-Person, and Documentation.


Both apps offer cloud-based hosting, which means IT resources are retrieved through web-based tools and applications, and users don’t need to buy servers and additional hardware equipment


Cerner EMR facilitates communication between billing and clinical teams with integrations that streamline processes. Track financial performance as well as store and retrieve documents electronically. Offer convenience and help patients save time through a user portal. They can check lab results, edit personal information on mobile, check-in online before a visit, and communicate with their providers. Report and look up patient data with ease via user-friendly navigation.

Whereas, Elation web-based solution helps medical professionals to schedule appointments, record patients’ medical histories, organize calendars, set reminders, and manage billing & insurance reimbursement. Reporting capabilities within Elation to help improve user practice’s efficiency and productivity. Elation EMR provides the user the ability to manually enter structured lab values into the lab reports that the user has uploaded into the patient’s chart.

Final Thoughts:

Cerner EMR Vs. Elation EMR is based on some of the most essential and required medical features. Cerner EMR provides a powerhouse in the industry with high-profile clients like the DoD. It offers strategic consulting for practices transforming to value-based care and has tight integration with revenue cycle solutions. It also offers both on-site and off-site hosting.  However, reviews also report an inability to work quickly due to redundant clicks. Infrequent and slow updates leading to downtime and unavailability of customer support also create issues. The need for too many clicks to act has been reported. It lacks a dashboard, Users must manually “refresh” to send orders after signing, and it Lacks robust reporting.

Cerner EMR is a comprehensive solution that can lead to a higher user learning curve. On the other hand, Elation EMR simplifies administrative, clinical, and billing activities, enabling users to not compromise on the quality of patient treatment they deliver. The overall communication between patient and physician is secure; Elation EMR is user-friendly for physicians and patients. Customer support for Elation EMR is quick and helps customers in all ways possible. However, the mobile app is only for iPhones and iPad and is not available for Android. However, the application needs improvement on these platforms, and Delete operations need a slight improvement in flow and bug fixing.