Big Igaming Shifts We Could Expect In 2023

The world of iGaming is constantly expanding and growing – incorporating new games and fan bases every day. Because of the plethora of things associated with it, iGaming is now an umbrella term for all online betting, casinos and sports books which exist online. The constant growth associated with the industry is largely because of the multitude of different technologies being adopted by game designers. Below we will discuss some of the most exciting trends for this coming year!

Blockchain Technology

A very popular trend that is going to make the journey from 2022 to 2023 is the imbedding of blockchain technology in all aspects of gaming. This has proven invaluable to the casino industry. The blockchain is essentially a series of computers, all over the world. Designed to work in tandem. This decentralized system does a phenomenal job or monitoring, recording ad archiving all transactions between accounts. Therefore it is nearly impossible to hack or edit without being noticed by other member of the chain. This level of security and privacy is really valuable to casinos which handle millions of dollars and millions of people every day.

Another application of the blockchain which will also be traversing into 2023 – is the incorporation of crypto currencies and digital wallets. The mining and maintaining of bitcoin is often only possible via blockchain services, such as Ethereum and digital wallets. More and more online casinos are taking advantage of this new form of payment. First, it is a naturally digital currency, so many of the problems surrounding “brick and mortar” banking institutions – like the lag time of bank transfers – do not exist. Additionally, because it is nearly impossible to properly hack the blockchain – people are able to store millions of dollars in their e-wallets with total trust that those funds will remain secure. These digital wallets also have the added bonus of providing an extra line of defense between your online presence and your personal information, such as full name, first pet’s name and government ID numbers. Seeing as the blockchain provides privacy, ease and speed – it is no surprise that this trend is stay very much alive in 2023.

Vr & The Metaverse

A very different trend which was introduced to the public in 2022 but promises to gain momentum next year is virtual reality and the metaverse. There is so much potential in these technologies that many game designers are already creating virtual casinos which mimic those in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, but from the comfort of your own home and without the cost of airfare!

Those companies which are able to crack the code with virtual reality and meta technologies will leap yards ahead of their competition – and in a world where every new idea is useful, and innovation is encouraged – gaining a lead of your competition is incredibly difficult. The goal of every game is to maintain player satisfaction and engagement – which in turn guarantees loyal customers. Online casinos which embrace VR and the metaverse have the potential to be the most engaging websites available.

While VR is undoubtedly the future, many games are not optimized for it yet and therefore another way to encourage players to return time after time is to focus on the basics and do them well. A focus on user experience is going to be one of the most important trends of 2023, because players have made it very clear what they are looking for in a game – from better graphics to easier play on mobile devices. For example, as more people become more comfortable using their smart phone in lieu of a traditional desktop computer – developers need to create mobile versions which work seamlessly on an internet browser, yet in tandem with any app store version of the game – allowing players to work across both platforms on their phone.

Game Option Expansion

There are other ways to enhance the user experience as well – such as having better graphic resolution along with better graphic designs which are colorful and fun. This is one area where online casinos are a step above the rest. Not only are iGaming websites providing more gaming options – online casino portals like can lead to you to find online games from slots with mini games to video poker variations like Omaha high-low – but they are providing consumers with a truly engaging experience where they are able to feel like they are in Las Vegas, but from the comfort of their living room! One key example of how they are doing this is the availability of demos. These demos allow players to test out the games, see what they like and enable them to be smart consumers. Online casinos offer such a variety of options that they are defining the direction of the iGaming arena and celebrating their patrons while doing it.

When looking at the year ahead – anyone in the iGaming industry must be incredibly excited for the future. From blockchain advances to focusing on user experience – 2023 is shaping up to be one heck of a year for online gaming!