Are you tracking Down the reasonable EHR for your organization? 

Allow us to assist you with pursuing a choice whether to go with Carelogic EHR or Athena EHR by giving a comparison of their features. 

Why go with CareLogic EHR? 

CareLogic is a web-based EHR system designed for internal and behavioral health conventions. It empowers the healthcare providers with a wide range of operations involved in daily tasks management in the clinic. Features of CareLogic EHR: 

  • Cataloging: Qualifacts CareLogic provides a detailed scheduling platform result that can help make operations on the frontal desk much more effortless. It helps manage all tasks in a well-organized manner. 
  • Billing and revenue cycle management: With a streamlined process for billing, it becomes a breath to manage finances. With a complete outlook in the form of graphs, you can fluently track your profit cycle and maintain it with few clicks. In addition, the system is equipped with advanced technologies that help you keep track of everything. As a result, everything is present veritably accurate and precise, from outstanding payments to due bills. 
    • Analytics and reporting: You can pierce all data you need to make informed opinions, be it functional, clinical, or executive. The analytics are top-notch, and Qualifacts CareLogic is equipped with an expansive library of dynamic and interactive reports and a dashboard – all of which are customizable. You can pull out data from numerous sources and use your preferred analytics tools and data warehouse. In addition, you can put data directly into spreadsheets, flowcharts, and graphs. 
  • Performance dashboards: You can share real-time perceptivity related to performance and productivity. It can help identify any weak links or spots that need enhancement which will, in turn, boost your productivity by multiple crowds. 
  • Customization: With Qulifacts CareLogic, you can produce custom workflows and forms. Not only that, you can collect association-specific data and information. 
    • The Golden Thread: This point ensures that all the information and medical record of a case is well woven throughout the database. It’ll put the assessment and treatment plans in one place for easy availability and effective working. 
    • Interdisciplinary treatment plan: You can boost productivity by using a much more streamlined and flexible workflow. With all the data on the server, you can fluently pierce it anywhere and share it with different healthcare providers. 
    • Online Customer Community: It offers a social network that is web-based where users can share real-time, post and respond to questions, send private messages, write blogs, chat, and more. 
    •  Customer/Client outcomes: CareLogic makes it easier for you to support customer issues better with instruments that aren’t only integrated but also give comprehensive screening and assessment. 
    • Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) reporting: You can make instant improvements and design issues with Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) dashboards and well-illustrated reports. 
  • EPrescribing: Electronic prescribing helps manage all of the conventions online. This aids in reducing the threat of any implicit crimes and addresses patient safety enterprises. 
  • Mobile operation: A mobile function makes it fluently accessible anywhere and anytime. Not only that, you can use mobile results anyhow of internet connectivity. 
    • Integration:The Carelogic EHR application supports laboratory integration, cleaner notes, progress notes, and electronic conventions. Integrating with patient scheduling gives frontal- office staff access to appointment monuments and allows them to record apartments. In addition, the billing module supports eligibility inquiries, claims to drop, and direct- to- carrier claims. 
  • Care Plan Modules: Creating thorough treatment plans is one of the most critical aspects of your job as a behavioral healthcare provider. Throughout the treatment, it enables you to cover your clients’ advancement toward their pretensions and objects. You should pick an electronic health record structure that makes constructing and managing a treatment plan as easy as possible, enabling you to invest additional time with your guests because this is an essential element of furnishing high-quality care. You can concentrate on providing clinical care by streamlining the process of establishing issues, pretensions, asked objects, projects, and conditioning with Qualifacts CareLogic’s largely customizable treatment plan structure. 
  • Integrated RCM solution: You can produce clean claims and submit them to private and public payers with the help of Qualifacts CareLogic. Qualifacts CareLogic EHR generates a claim incontinently after services are handed, saving you time by barring the need to transfer client information or complete paperwork physically. The program is made to help behavioral healthcare professionals ameliorate the quality of their claims and help denials, according to CareLogic EHR reviews. 

What Consumer support they offer?

The system enables you to provide improved health services at a relatively lower cost. Users can reach CareLogic support24/7 at their toll-free number, and extensive training is handed to users before they start using the software. Guests can raise a ticket at their help centre. 

CareLogic Reviews 

Reviews CareLogic is a reasonably low-cost EHR. The software is highly configurable to meet your association’s needs. The implementation process was a collaboration between our association and Qualifacts. There’s a strong user community that acts as a resource but also as a literacy cooperative for best practices and configuration. The capability to manage multitudinous different types of programs is delicate with this system. And It’s a little slow and soft. People suggest it can be easier to install if well-explained instructions are available. Billing is delicate; reporting is a little slow.

What’s good about Athena EHR?  

 Athena EHR is a cloud-based, on-premise healthcare app for medical groups and health systems nationwide. This solution can ameliorate clinical effectiveness, maximize fiscal results, and give the awful patient and provider experiences. Features are; 

  • Electronic Health Records: Use athenaClinicals to deliver customized and substantiated plans for patient care anywhere you are. In addition, Athena EHR enables you to access patient data incorporated from any external realities to make opinions about patient care right down. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Extra your staff from tedious profit cycle tasks and grow your business. With Athena Collector, you can collect money briskly while keeping efficiency in your financial management.  
  • Patient Engagement: You can enhance engagement outside the office and support more health and financial management while connecting with your patients. This feature will enable you to stay connected. 
  • Mobile Capabilities: Complete important clinical work and time-sensitive tasks whenever they arise, wherever you are.  
  • Telehealth: With athenaTelehealth, patients and physicians may manage care in a meaningful way by using a quick, secure, and accessible cover for in-person appointments. You may support your patients ever using Athena EHR. 
  • Athena EHR Reviews: Athena EHR has been suggested to be largely user-friendly; the mobile app has an easy installation process and is accessible and easy to use. It is ultramodern and well organized; it helps sort messages and faxes and makes tradition a breath. 
  • Mobile app: Intuitive workflows and an integrated allow your providers and staff to concentrate on other patient care, less on-screen time. It fluently reuses faxes and scrutinizes documents, attaching them to the patient record. Intuitive, automated workflows save time, allowing your staff to concentrate on your patients. 
  • Population Health: A statistics-centric result that facilitates price-based payment models while lowering medical charges. It enables advantage records to push perceptivity into patient cases. This feature improves the outcomes by aiding with best-in-class treatment. 
  • Health Plan Data Exchange is a primary cloud-based data carrier for health plans looking to profit from their contributors’ medical information and ameliorate tasks, including HEDIS, CMS Stars rankings, and threat adaptation programs. 

Athena EHR reviews

Athenahealth EHR patient portal is very user-friendly. It gives integration to several third-party applications. Athena electronic clinical statistics is a one-stop for medium to large- sized practices searching out a single supplier to fulfill all their requirements. 

Still, Athena’s EHR practice had many issues with Athena billing system consumers. In that case, all your income will go into an account held with Athena before being refunded. Some practices find this policy protrusive. And aslo Athena health isn’t reasonable option pricing in the business, especially for lower practices.