20 Ways to Get Views on Youtube

Youtube has significantly expanded and is constantly evolving. We propose to see a greater number of individuals switch to this paradigm as more people accept it as a means of subsisting. From major superstars showcasing their workouts and behind-the-scenes footage of their filming to small-town residents adjusting to the modern world. 

People have been spotted loving and savoring this new area. However, given the popularity and commercial prospects that Youtube offers, it is equally crucial to keep it up and grow rapidly. It’s crucial for this that the channel receives more views. This provides information on the number of visitors to your YouTube channel as well as the duration of time users spend watching your videos. 

Though some individuals continue to purchase YouTube subscribers to increase views, likes, and comments, this is only a short-term solution. To gain actual youtube views and viewers, you need a solid fan following. Here, we’ll go over 20 strategies for increasing YouTube views.

  • Create a simple yet compelling thumbnail

The first thing viewers notice is Thumbnail. It goes without saying that viewers won’t click on your view if your thumbnail isn’t drawing much attention. Therefore, strive to make it simple to grasp and use the right aspect ratio to produce a good thumbnail image.

  • Make intriguing, distinctive titles.

Good thumbnails lead to fantastic titles. Using titles that are intriguing and pique viewers’ interest in watching your videos is crucial. For improved SEO results, you can even employ good keywords.

  • Use effective SEO strategies.

Use the same SEO strategies you use to get your content to appear in organic Google search results to increase your YouTube views. The same way you would use YouTube if you were doing a google search.

  • When publishing videos, consider your audience.

To get a realistic picture, look at YouTube stats. You have to check when is the time when your viewers are most active. then post accordingly.

  • Increase viewer engagement with YouTube search advertisements.

It is a wonderful and ethical notion to use YouTube advertising in order to gain engaged views. Because of their long watch times, these videos are more likely to be watched all the way through by someone who first sees them as advertisements.

  • Direct viewers to other videos on the end screens.

The final 15 to 20 seconds of your video, often known as the credits, are utilised to promote other videos on your channel as cards. To improve views on those videos as well, you might recommend your older ones. It is a useful strategy that many people employ.

  • Encourage the audience

Another strategy to guarantee that people may see your videos is to invite them to subscribe to your channel. You can do this buying simply by asking them to in the intro and the outro of your video. Also, Instagram, Fb, and Twitter can be great alternatives. 

  • Create a playlist.

Create playlists if your content is centered on a pertinent, related subject to promote video views. Viewers will benefit from getting a thorough introduction to and on the subject they are interested in.

  • Promote videos on other social media sites

You should benefit from the fact that YouTube is probably not your only social media account. Share links or make new video announcements on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Stories, as well as in blog posts and emails. This will direct users to your youtube channel and hence increase traffic.

  • Use transcripts and captions.

Another strategy to improve the SEO of your videos is to use captions and subtitles. This helps to draw attention to additional keywords and phrases that search engines can find when indexing your videos. This will make it easier for users from all backgrounds to understand the language. Increasing engagement is an excellent concept.

  • Create something different.

Which refers to unique videos that nobody else can create or has thought of. You need to go beyond utility and offer value outside of common search patterns if you want folks to hit that subscribe button. We can simply put this out as “Out-of-the-box” concepts for your videos.

  • Join up with other YouTubers

Collaboration is a simple way to describe it. Befriend people. Partner with other YouTube creators using your relationships to benefit from each other’s audiences. Take advantage of the fact that your audience and their audiences both trust your suggestions. This will increase interest and viewership.

  • Bring in the “Suggested Videos”

According to the YouTube algorithm, “recommended videos” are ranked using video content metadata (such as title, tags, and description). YouTube displays a selection of related videos next to the video you just watched under “Viewers suggested videos.”So, it is a good idea to try this out.

  • Increase watch time 

Optimizing the end screen is a simple additional method to lengthen sessions. Promoting your most well-liked and successful videos on your YouTube channel page is the best strategy to increase session time. By doing this, you can display viewers videos that they might find interesting.


  • Improve Likes, Comments, and Subscriptions

When ranking videos, the YouTube algorithm prioritises viewer involvement. Ranking and user engagements—particularly likes, comments, and subscribers help with more views. Also you should build good relationships with viewers by commenting on the comment section when they watch your videos.

  • Integrate YouTube Videos with Your Blog

These posts can be anything on Quora, Reddit etc. where you have your account and Including YouTube videos in your blog posts is a terrific idea. 

  • Establish connections with your audience

The likelihood that your audience will care about your brand, subscribe to your channel and watch more of your videos overall will rise if you establish a good relationship with your viewers.

  • Innovate your video ideas

Make time to preach to the choir in addition to the how-to video if you want to grow your audience. The value-added features of your brand on YouTube take the form of material that appeals to people who are already your followers.

  • Post bloopers and behind-the-scenes(BTS)  content.

Bloopers happen in many types of videos, so combine those moments that were edited out into a three- to four-minute video and upload it. BTS enables the audience to view the creation. You may demonstrate to your audience the tools you employ to record your gaming videos. There are countless options. Also, the views you will get are surprising enough. 


These concepts will give you more perspectives. Just use innovative tactics to increase your views.